Friday, March 19, 2010

Healthy Living Series Tip of the Week: Don't wait until Monday to start

Hey Beauties,

So every once and a while you fall off the bandwagon. You've been doing so good with your exercise or nutrition plan, and then it all goes down hill. Whether it was a day of binging, or a week, don't beat youself up too much. Its in the past now, and you can't go back, so move on.

I find the best way to get on track is first to realize I'm off track. Really think if all the work you've done is worth another night of binging. Even if I'm not ready to come out of my little downward spiral, I'll just start writing down everything I've eaten. Once I see what I've been eating I am much more accountable for my actions.

From there, I change the moment I am ready to. If it's a Thursday afternoon at 5, or a Tuesday morning at 7, it doesn't matter. Change when you are ready to. Saying you'll wait until Monday, or the beginning of the month, or January of next year is just you putting it off, and making excuses.

Start now.

Right now.

When you know you'll be ready.

Don't wait until some other time. Now is the time. There is no time better than the present! Be the person you want to be in this moment.

Happy Friday everyone. And remember that you actions and what you eat effects your mood so much :)


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