Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where to spend your money?

Hey guys!

So since the holidays are over, and most of us have broken the bank a bit with shopping, I've put together a little list of where, if you're buying new makeup products, you should spend your money. What should you get high end, and what can you get away with?

  • Mascara: This is a for sure drugstore buy. Mascaras run dry way too quickly for you to be spending $30 every few months. I like Rimmel's Sexy Curves, and Gosh's Show me Volume
  • Face Primer: This one is a little more ifffy. I think it depends on whether or not your skin is sensitive. If you're the kind of person who breaks out if ANY new product touches their skin, I'd pay the big bucks for something you know is going to work. My skin isn't sensitive, so I use drugstore primers... or even beter... skip the primer, and just use a light layer of your moisturizer!
  • Eye Primers: Sorry ladies, but for this I'm going to have to say high end. Nothing, for me, compares to my MAC Paint Pots... They make any shadows last forever!
  • Eye shadows: This one can go either way. I think there are some amazing finds in the drugstores for shadows. Covergirl has really stepped up their game, and over the past few years has created some amazing new formulas!
  • Face powders: For these babies, I think once again it depends on your skin type. If you're sensitive, you might need to shell out a little more for the high quality. If you're daring, trying drugstore brands will save you money, especially as your shade changes from winter to summer.
  • Lip Products: I've got to give this one to the drugstore brands. I think there is no need to spend $20 on a lippy, if the drugstore has a duppable. Just remember, these can be a little more drying, and the colour might not last as long, so wear lip balm, and bring the product with you so you can reapply!
  • Brushes: This is one area I am really willing to spend my money. Any eyeshadow can look good, if you just have the tools to apply it. I think some drugstore eye brushes are ok, but for a good blending brush, definately for for MAC's 217... it will be your new BFF.

Ok well I hope that gave you a bit of understanding into the makeup world, budget style.

Thanks for reading, and talk to you next time!



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