Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What to pack in your 'going out' clutch

This one's for the ladies!

How many times have you gone to pack your purse for the night out, and not everything fits! Or you get to the party, and you're missing something important!

Here are my top items I believe every girls should have on them no matter what!

  • Sometimes when you buy clothes they come with extra buttons in a super small plastic bag. I save these baggies, and put important things in them (like some of the following...)
  • Floss. Even a small strand of it could save you from major embarassment. Take a strand anywhere from 6-12 inches, and curl it up into the tiny plastic baggy. It takes up barely any space!
  • Mints. Right before going out, I pop one in my mouth, but I always make sure I have some extras in my bag. If gum gets hot, it melts and gets sticky. I find mints (such as tic-tacs) stay solid, and won't make a mess in your purse. These will also fit in your little baggy.
  • Safety pins. You never know. Trust me, they come in use for so many different reasons. One or two take up little to no space, and will save you!
  • Bobby-pins. I usually carry around 4, so if needed I can put my hair half up. They can also help to add volume to your hair.
  • Girly Products. Ladies, you never know when mother nature will bring her monthly gift. I always carry around a small product (Such as an O.B. tampon) just to be safe.
  • A Tissue. Of course the one time you need toilet paper there wont be any!
  • Bandaid. All my friends know I'm the one to ask for bandaids. Those new shoes you bought may not be so comfortable after all...
  • Lip gloss. If you bring one make-up product, let this be it. But make sure its nourishing enough that you're lips wont be burning after 2 hours...
  • Powder. If there is a second makeup product I can bring, this is it. Dancing around can make you pretty sweaty, and if I'm having a bad breakout, blemishes become noticable pretty quickly. Pack a small compact to make sure you're covered.
  • A quarter. Whether it be for the pay phone, coat check, or feminine product dispenser in the bathroom, you never know what the night has in store!

And thats all I think is necessary (obviously besides ID, and money!)

Try to make sure you're not carrying too much, as you don't want to be weighed down the whole night.


Enjoy the Holidays, and please be safe!

Happy New Years Everyone :)



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