Thursday, March 11, 2010

Healthy Living Series Tip of the week: How to divide your plate

Hey Beauties!

Hope you're all enjoying the end of your week. I have for you a quick tip: How to divide your plate.

When you're first starting off with your journey, it may seem a little overwhelming, so lets start with the basics. There are a few main categories foods fall into.
- Grains (rice, bread, cereal)
- Vegetables & Fruits (cucumbers, apples, spinach)
- Protein (meats and alternatives, chicken, peanut butter, beans)
- Fats (candy, chocolate, olive oil)

If you want to learn more check out Canada's Food Guide.

But anyways...

When you're planning out your meal, divde your plate into four equal portions. Just like quarters of a pie. Two of those quarters should be full of veggies and few fruits. Just like my spinach salad.

The 3rd quarter should be protein. Here I have shrimp skewers, but any type of tofu, legume, nuts, beans, poultry, fish or meat will work.

The last quarter should be filled with grains. Carbs aren't a bad thing, you need them in your diet; just in moderation! Try sticking with wholes grains. That means the entire grain is included in the cooking process. That will add fibre, and make pooping a breeze :)

Fats should be included in very small amounts within the other quarters. Maybe a teaspoon of olive oil here, or a small chocolater for desert there. Keep this group low! (But still existent. Don't cut out fats all together, they make your skin fresh, hair skiny, and nails strong!)

Comment below if you have any questions!


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