Monday, February 22, 2010

In & Outs

My fav type of post!


- Floral Prints! I went to Forever 21 and they were everywhere!
- Buying cheap nail polish! I don't know how many people have told me they like Revlon more than Chanel
- Eating Healthy. Swimsuit season is coming, and you want to look and feel good :)
- Sunless Tanners -> I'm still working on the L'Oreal tanner... but I love it!
- Re-discovering old clothing. Go through your wardrobe, and see what you can alter or mix & match to take last summer's pieces into this summer!
- Watching the Olympics!


- Salon Pedicures -> DIY at home!
- Paying too much for dining out! Making dinner at home can be cheaper and healthier!
- Complaining about your body! Embrase those curves baby!
- Thick make-up... natural always looks better in the spring!

Tell me yours!



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